VISIT RoTV's Page on GoA! This kind and talented animator is definetly a huge hit on! His animations make even the most talented wonder how he does it,  the great thing is, he's sponsoring the 'destiny'  series ;D


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Mantoska, an animator from Go!Animate, has made many smash hit series and made it to the front page of 'Top Animations'. His first hit series 'Beast Master' was known for it's addictive story line and good humor used in it. The series after that, was called 'Zone 56' a horror series that was announced the Nr1 horror series, after the series ended due to lack of ideas and views, a new Hit series came to life . Destiny,  the most successful series mantoska ever had, its been loved and hated , but it's still there.  Destiny has been known for its amazing new techniques and realistic sound FX. 

After becoming one of the top animators, Mantoska created the ' Go!Animate movie studios' in order to share his ideas with others and have to honor of working with the best.